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  • Boost your output
  • Do better research, faster
  • Deliver actionable insights

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Easily explore multiple Jobs to Be Done

Input the role or product, and JobLens instantly provides you with a comprehensive list of JTBD, saving hours of manual work and ensuring you don't miss critical tasks your product must address.

  • AI-driven JTBD recommendations

    JobLens simplifies JTBD by enabling you to input a person's role or a product and instantly receiving a variety of JTBD recommendations.

  • Precision customization

    Fine-tune the responses until they align with your unique requirements and preferences.

Upload interview transcripts for instant insights

Harness the power of AI to pull insights from your interview transcripts. Say goodbye to manual analysis and lengthy waits.

  • Effortless transcript analysis

    Upload your interview transcripts, and let JobLens work its magic. It identifies Forces of Progress, constructs Job Maps, explores Aspirations, and delves into Emotional & Social aspects, providing you with a holistic view.

  • Your review, your control

    JobLens isn't just about automation; it's about accuracy too. You have the power to review, approve, or fine-tune the insights to ensure they align perfectly with your research objectives.

  • Immediate strategic advantage

    By eliminating the waiting period, JobLens gives you an immediate edge. Start your research equipped with a wealth of insights that would typically take days to compile, setting the stage for more informed decisions.

Get market insights in minutes

With JobLens, you can kickoff a new research project without the lengthy learning curve. Say goodbye to weeks of groundwork and quickly grasp the JTBD of customers in new-to-you markets.

  • Time efficiency redefined

    By leveraging JobLens, you can allocate your time more efficiently. Rapid market insights are now at your disposal, allowing you to focus on strategic innovation rather than prolonged research efforts.

  • Get ahead in your customer interviews

    With JobLens, you don't need to wait for four or five customer interviews to gather valuable insights. Start your very first interview equipped with as much insight as you'd typically have after several rounds of conversations.

  • Strong first impressions

    Impress your clients and stakeholders with your depth of understanding right from the outset. JobLens enables you to kickstart projects with a head start, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Build progress timelines in seconds

Generate progress timelines for each JTBD to understand the inputs, actions, outputs, and outcomes that matter. JobLens uses a combination of prompts to create in seconds what would normally take weeks.

  • Understand the customer journey

    Gain a deep understanding of the customer's needs and desires, and identify opportunities for innovation and improvement. These valuable insights will help you create products and services that truly meet your customers' needs.

  • Identify critical touchpoints and objectives

    Identify key touchpoints, solve customer pain points, and optimize your offerings to create seamless customer experiences, increased satisfaction, and more revenue.

Comprehensive Jobs to Be Done Canvases in a snap

Say goodbye to writer's block and time-consuming brainstorming sessions with JobLens' Canvas feature. Quickly and easily create comprehensive Jobs to Be Done Canvases to gain a deep understanding of your customers' needs and uncover new opportunities for innovation.

  • Time-savings

    Save time and resources by creating detailed and data-driven canvases in minutes, allowing you to focus on developing solutions that meet the needs of your customers.

  • Productivity

    JobLens allows you to explore multiple variations of the Jobs to Be Done Canvas, helping you to uncover new insights and identify new opportunities for innovation. By boosting your productivity, you can develop solutions that truly meet the needs of your customers.

  • Avoid writer's block

    Expand on pre-built templates and avoid writer's block by building on structured content, unlocking your creativity and allowing you to focus on developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of your customers.

Chat with your customer research.

Generate JTBD insights with AI, upload your interview transcripts, then chat with the contents using GPT-4.